5. FTP, SFTP, FTPS or FTPES Connection

fmPreferences - FTP Connection.

FTP connection is not required, you may skip it. FTP is used for images - downloading and uploading images for products, categories and manufacturers.

If there is no valid FTP connection specified, you will not be able to view images and upload them to your server.

See an example of properly configured FTP below:

FTP settings:

  • Server address - IP address or domain name of FTP server. Do not use any prefixes or suffixes there, just simple name or IP.
  • FTP user name/ FTP password - specify login information.
  • Base directory - default directory, just another FTP directory used by store.
  • Use passive mode (recommended).

Advanced settings:

  • Max FTP threads - the number of threads allowed.
  • Automatically download images from FTP - has to be enabled to download images automatically to preview them in Store Manager application.
  • Cache images - has to be enabled to cache images downloaded by Store Manager.

Click "Test Connect" button to verify whether all settings you have specified are correct. You should see "Connection Successful" message. Press OK to save settings and begin work.

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