3. How to Copy/Paste Variants or Classes, Options and their Values for Multiple Products at Once?


I have a lot of items that I will be uploading that all have the same class settings - different package sizes with the same price modifiers. Is there a way to copy the classes for one to add to each of the others? It seems a big time waster to each time I upload having to create the class "package size" and then to create 3 package size variations with the exact same modifiers for each item.


  • You can select multiple custom options and values (for example Size S, Size M, Size L, Size XL, etc), copy selected options and values to Clipboard (using Copy to clipboard button), select multiple products in the current category or in the any other category
  • Then paste them to multiple products and values using Paste from Clipboard button and confirm operation (please check attached images for details) .

In case you have multiple stores you can Paste selected product options to product (s) at any other store (after you change the connection in Tools -> Quick connection switch).

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