Access Management


If you would like to give the permissions for managing your store to other people, e.g Store Administrator must have a permission to manage products, categories, etc. Account Manager should have an opportunity to manage orders, customers, suppliers and reports, then Store Manager for Store ManagerdfAccess Management feature - is the exact solution for you.

With X-CartAccess Management you can give permissions to manage these sections in the Store Manager. Also you can give permissions to view the information, but not to edit it. This option is very useful if you worry that your personnel could damage your data.

This section can be accessed from the upper menu here:

After clicking on User and Permissions button, the dialog window will appear.

Click “Yes” and the table with permissions will be created. You’ll have permission with standard login and password (login - admin, password - admin). To add users, you need to create roles for each user first. This means that you need to specify what features will be available for this role (viewing, editing, or all operations). Besides, here you may manage roles (add, edit and remove them).

Please, note, that it's recommended to change default Admin password.

After adding roles, you need to create users and assign them to the appropriate role. To create a new user you have to press "+" button, enter User Name, Password and grant an appropriate permission to this user by selecting a User Role. The Status of the account should be specified as well.

Also you may change these details simply by choosing the option form the drop-down list:

By assigning the roles to the users, you give them permissions that are set up for this role. E.g. if the role Store accountant Manager has the permissions only to view certain options, like 'Returns', 'Wish list'. but not edit them, then the user Administration who has the role of Store accountant will be able only to view these options, but view and modify the others:


Once the users are created and privileges are assigned you'll see the following screen on Store Manager start-up:

When employees try to connect to the database they will receive a request for login details. Only registered user can enter and manage store using Store Manager for X-Cart. If you want to turn off this option - use Remove Protection. But only Administrator of the store can do this.

Please, note, that the Access Management feature is used for giving the permissions to manage your store using the Store Manager for X-Cart..