2. Copy/Paste Categories

fmCategoriesCopyMethod, fmCategoriesPasteMethod

To perform copy/paste X-Cart categories with X-Cart subcategories or products you can use toolbar or context menu. Also these operations can be performed with more than one category at once.

To Copy/Paste X-Cart category (ies) follow few steps below:

1. First you have to copy selected X-Cart category (ies) and select fields you wish to copy via clipboard:

  • Copy category (ies) with products
  • Copy category (ies) with subcategories
  • Also you can find More - find out which fields you're going to copy

2. Go to the X-Cart category you need. When you're pasting category (ies)

, you're creating the new ones with the new ID number. Also when you're pasting the following form appears:

You have to choose whether to:

  • Paste category (ies) to the root X-Cart category
  • Paste Category (ies) to the selected X-Cart category (highlight category you wish to paste to before you press paste button).

Note: You can use this option to copy X-Cart categories with products from one store and to paste it to another one using Quick connection switch.

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