4. Product Class and Options Management

fmClassManager - Product Class and Options Management Section

Product Option is basically a specific value of Product Class, so Class parameters are the first to be set.

To edit Class parameters you can use "Class manager" button.

The following form appears:

Here you can see the same add, edit, delete buttons as on Products toolbar.

First, let's try to add a new class, for example "Hair color".

1. Press Add new class button . Class editor Window will appear.

2. In Edit class properties window select product from the drop-dawn list and enter class name, class text. To make your new class available, enable the corresponding check-box. Enter Order by number to set the order of the class. Alphabetical order is set by default. Check the class type and press Ok to save changes.

3. New class named "Hair colour" appears in the class manager.

Now, when you have added your class you can start managing option values.

Add, Edit, Delete Options

In product options section you can find same add, delete, edit buttons.

"Add new product option" button

and "Edit existing option" button calls blank class option form. To add new option follow up several steps:

1. If you want to add any existing Class to the product options, then click on a drop-down and choose one you need, or use "Quick add" a new class button , or "Manage" button (calls "Class Manager" form).

2. Write down Option name.

3. To make your new option available, enable the corresponding check-box. Enter Order by number to set the order of the option. Alphabetical order is set by default.

4. Every option has its own values. You cannot set a value unless you chose class and option. Store Manager has some default Options and their Values you may use.

"price Modifier" option sets price modification if any. It can be " " (none). If this product options selected, some extra charge ($ or %) will be added to basic product price;

"-" value specified in Price Modifier field will subtract the amount from the basic product price ($ or %). If you don't need to make any price changes, simply leave this field blank.

"Price" option has a calculator in a drop-down for your convenience. If prefix value is left blank, the amount you specify here will be subtracted from regular price.

5. New class option will appear in product option area.

Also you can use "Quick options add" . Simply enter the options names and values here.

All changes made you can preview in product's area.

Product Variants

In this way you can add any product option and modify it's price if one.

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