7. Product Manufacturers

fmManufacturers - Manufacturers Management

You can find Products Manufacturers Section to manage X-Cart product manufacturers quickly and comfortably at the Catalog drop-down on the Left-Side Bar

This Section allows you to configure your store at the Manufacturers Level.

It can be used to perform basic operations (add, edit, delete) with Manufacturers of the products in X-Cart.

Basic operations are:

"Refresh data" forces manufacturers list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.

"Add new manufacturer" calls blank Edit Manufacturer form, which is used to create a new manufacturer in X-Cart store.

To edit manufacturer you can double click on it or press "Edit manufacturer" button. It calls Edit Manufacturer form for selected product. Please see below for options.

You can "Delete Selected Manufacturer" . You won't be able to undo delete from store option, unless you've made a database backup.

You can use "Save Manufacturers to Excel" or "Save Manufacturers to HTML" for fast export.

To edit product manufacturer in X-Cart you can double click on it or press "Edit manufacturer" button. The Edit Manufacturer form appears, as shown above.

- Name is the only required field here. The rest will be either set automatically or may be left empty.

- If you want to show the Manufacturer link enter URL properly: http://www.emagicone.com.

- Manufacturer Image. There are two buttons to edit image.

  • This one used to browse contents of your local folders and select an image. When you press OK button on edit form it will be uploaded to "Images directory" on FTP. When local image selected, this field will display local image path like C:\My Images\some_image.jpg. But local image path will be replaced with image name some_image.jpg right after upload.
  • This button used to select some image stored remotely. It's done by browsing contents of FTP folder specified as "Images directory".

Or you can enable Remove image option and this image won't be displayed.

- Also you can enter the order by number to set the order of the manufacturer. Alphabetical order is set by default.

- To make your new manufacturer available in X-Cart, enable the corresponding check-box.

- Description. Write down Manufacturer description exactly the way it's going to be displayed on your Online store page.

- Edit HTML button - calls HTML editor of description data. It has 2 tabs: HTML and Code, as well as Properties Toolbar. Source view is useful for working directly with "raw" HTML text, which gives you precise control over the tags

used in the page. However, by default, you can still work with objects visually.

Design view in the HTML editor enables you to:

  • View and edit a page in a WYSIWYG-like environment.
  • Work with HTML controls using the visual representation they will have in the browser.
  • Use menu and toolbar commands to apply certain types of formatting, such as paragraph alignment, that are not available in Source view.
  • Use menu and toolbar commands to add and edit certain elements, such as tables and lists, that you must edit as HTML text in Source view.
  • Drag items from the Toolbox and from the Project Explorer to create elements on your page.
  • Use drag to reposition absolutely positioned elements.

In Code view, the Properties window does not display style properties. You can edit style properties directly in an HTML tag or by using the Properties window in Design view.

Code view in the HTML editor enables you to:

  • View and edit text and HTML tags,
  • View and edit scripts in the page.

Finally Press Ok Button in HTML Editor and Manufacturer info editor to save your changes.

By eMagicOne Inc.