4. Related Product


X-Cart Related products section will be available in Store Manager for X-Cart as a default option.

Online store can have products related to each other. Let's say a customer wants to buy a cell phone, most likely one would like to purchase a charging device, memory card and a car kit along with it.

So would be good to show customer these products as well. X-Cart Related products provide more convenient way for store visitors to find what they would like to see, or maybe wouldn't, but what will be useful for them.

It does increase sales, since customers may purchase even more than they planned before.

On the X-Cart Related Products page you can configure appearance of a product in the list of related items.

Here you can see all products at once and related products assigned to them. Main products, which have related products, displayed with '+' in the left side next to the 'Product_ID' column.

When you click this sign, you can view and see products related to selected ones.

Using toolbar and context menu, you can perform the following operations:

Add Related product. In order to add related product, you should select main product from the products list and press 'Add related Product' button in the toolbar - product search dialog will be shown.

Enter product model (name) in the searching field, that would you like to add as related. When necessary ones have been found, select one or more of them and click 'Ok' button.

If you double click on any product (multiple products) in the search results, it'll be added to current Related products list. For more search options check Search Product section.

Please note, that products cannot be opened here for editing.

If you wish to edit any specific product, go to Catalog -> Categories & Products section.

Filter option. Use filter option at the right pane to display only those products, containing related products.

'Refresh data' button

forces special products' list update. It is useful when you're changing connection or have any doubts like is the latest data displayed.

'Bidirectional Related Product Links' button

allows easily linking products to each other. For example, if product A is related to product B, this feature will link product B to product A as well.

By clicking on 'Delete Related Product' button you'll remove selected product from the specials list only, not from the database.

To remove multiple related products use 'Remove Related Product Links' button in the toolbar.

Identify one or more products, containing related products and select the way you want to remove them.

If you have any suggestions on X-Cart Related Products, you're welcome to contact our support team.

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