News Management

fmNewsManagement, fmNewsMessagesEdit, fmNewsSubscribersEdit, fmNewsListEdit

News Management section serves to inform store's customers about the latest store news.

Messages are displayed in the 'News' sector of the customer page or sent to those clients who have subscribed to the newsletters. In order to the news appeared on the front-end, you have to create a list of news.

To do this, click 'Add news list', enter a short message's name in the appropriate edit field, enter a description of the news and check necessary conditions for displaying on the front-end: whether to put the news on

the news site or make it available for subscription.

After all required changes, click 'Ok' button. New message appears in the window 'News Management'. In the lower pane of the window is a list of subscribers that have signed up to the newsletter online store.

Using toolbar of the window, you can perform the following operations:

1. Update the recent changes by clicking the 'Refresh' button.

2. Add a new subscriber by pressing 'Add Subscriber'. In the form that appears, enter the email address of the subscriber and the date from which he will receive a newsletter with the latest information.

3. To edit an existing subscriber you should click the appropriate button - 'Edit Subscriber'. The same form will display (see image above). You can change email and mailing date

of commencement of the provision newsletter.

4. Remove selected one from the list of existing subscribers you can by pressing the 'Delete Subscriber' button.

5. If you have a separate file with the list of subscribers who have signed up to receive the latest information of your online store by email, you can download it in the sector of Store Manager by clicking the

corresponding button in the top toolbar:

6. You have an opportunity to export the existing list of subscribers from the current sector of Store Manager to a separate file of Excel and HTML formats - simply by pressing one of the two corresponding buttons on the toolbar:

In 'Messages' tab of the 'Management News' window placed the text of messages. In the absence of any information here, you can add a new one in it. To do this, click on the 'Add Message' button from the top toolbar and in the

form that appears, enter the required information: message subject, the date to send this message to subscriber(s), email addresses of the subscribers and the message content (can be edited using the HTML editor - see image