3. Search Products

fmProductsSearch - Product Search Form

You can perform X-Cart Product Search by product name or product model.

When you click on "Search product" button, you'll be able to see a search form, similar to the one shown below

If you type a few letters of X-Cart Product's name or model in "Text to search" field, the Manager will show you a list of products that match your request.

You may wish to specify a smaller number of rows to display results, which speeds up the search. In case X-Cart product you're looking for is listed in search results, please specify greater number of rows and Click "Force Refresh" button.

If you type * (asterisk) sign, Store Manager will show you a list of all X-Cart products in your store.

If you double-click on any X-Cart product available in the search results, Store Manager will take you to its category page and highlight searched product in product list.

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