Import/Export Store Data

Import/export store' s data tool in Store Manager for X-Cart helps to transfer the main data such as categories tree with assigned products to the xml file.

Import/export store data

Export Store Data

Use the top toolbar to find necessary action as well:

IMport/export store data

Choose an action to proceed.

Export action in the Wizard

Specify the file you want to save the exported data to. Use the browse option to facilitate your choice.

Select file to export

On the next step select the records you want to transfer:

- all categories of your store;

- only selected category . If it contains the subcategories positions - check the field below.

Select categories to Export

The option below allows to export categories with the products.

'Export' button starts transferring your data.

You will see the data in XML format displayed on the result window. Click on the 'Finish' button at the bottom to exist from the wizard.

Finish step

For importing use the Import Wizard tool. Choose the file you want to use and press the browser to find necessary location.

Import Store Data

On the Welcome page select an action below and follow to the next step.

Choose import process

Choose the file which you are going to use in importing. Press the 'browse' button to find the necessary location and press the corresponding button to proceed.

Select file to import

The data in XML from a file you have chosen previously will be reflect on the preview import data window.

Preview import step

Press 'Import' to start transaction.

If the process is completed and no errors have arisen - you will get summary in the following window.

Summary step of importing