8. Product Variants

fmVariants - Products Variants Feature

You can find Products Variants Section to manage X-Cart product variants quickly and comfortably at the toolbar:

To create and configure your product variants, complete the following steps:

1. Add product classes and options using Product Options toolbar:

Pay attention on properties when creating class, chose Product Variant radio button in the dialog page:

3. You will see Edit Product Variants window that allows you to rebuild and manage your variants:

This page allows you to manage the following forms:

    • SKU number - you can manage automatically generated product's SKU numbers;
    • Options - here you can check product's options;
    • Quantity, Weight, Price - allows you to manage quantity, weight and product's price;
    • Image - allows you to add, edit and delete images; Note: to manage images you need to have correct FTP settings specified, see 1.3. FTP Connection

Add/Manage Variants button - allows you to manage class options, price and type modifier and availability of options and their values.

Rebuilt Variants button - allows you to completely rebuild all variants for current product. Note: that it will delete all manually created and updated variants.

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